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Why improve on CMYK?

Because it's time. Did you know that the CMYK system was invented over 100 years ago? What's changed? Press, ink and software technologies have advanced, yet the CMYK 
system hasn't. Research has shown time & time again that consumers wants more colors.

Correct, we can print 1000's of spot colors to expand the color gamut (and at the same time continue to pollute our planet with millions of gallons of spent inks).

Spot color printing is an obsolete and enviromentally damaging technology. 
There must be a better alternative?

How does Opaltone help?

Opaltone eliminates spot color inks by digitally mixing up to 7 (CMYK+R'G'B') process inks. The same inks are used over & over (just like your color copier). It's that simple. 
An expanded gamut and a greener planet. Opaltone's a win-win for all.

Does Opaltone apply ICC profiles?
Yes, however Opaltone multi-color ICC profiles are not the same as traditional (CMYK) 
ICC profiles. It is patent pending technology (so we cannot disclose how the mulit-color transformation is done in detail). However, Opaltone color scientists believe it is far superior to the traditional ICC approach. The concept is same in as much as it transforms 
color information from one color space to another (without loss of detail). This can be easily 
seen when comparing any two given examples.