Commercial Benefits



The Opaltone OT7 Certification system is the heart of the Opaltone printing process, it is the logic, the science and the mathematical genius that is Opaltone.

The commercial benefits are for all participants in the printed packaging supply chain.

Brand owners – Designers – Prepress – Printers

Everyone wins!

Brand owners!

·         Multi stream your various pack flavours and styles, 
reduce makeready’s and save.

·         Match your POP display adverts with the colors on your actual product packaging.


·         Proof your packaging in correct color and inclusive of press gain from the very first concept proof.

·         Match your vehicles and signs with the actual color of your brand packaging, Opaltone is available for all print disciplines.


·         Design the same for all printed materials for the same brand, no dumbing it down for different print processes.

·         Design all the tricky elements that you were told you couldn’t have, Opaltone allows you to do whatever you want, your free!

·         Save time and money and attract more customers.


·         You can Work Once and Satisfy Many (WOSM) using the same file for different formats and print processes, just re-size to suit.

·         Save time and money.


·         Reduce your Carbon Footprint, significantly reduce your liquid waste.

·         Save time, substrate and labor costs. 

Everyone can proof using the Opaltone VK Inkjet system that excludes Black ink and further reduces CO2 emissions by eliminating the use of Carbon Black pigment.

Save money while you improve your Greener image!