Global Brand Control



Do you take pride in your product brands?

Is it important to you that your customers have the confidence to recognise your packaging is the same, no matter where in the world they may be?

Do you want your customers to have the confidence that the packaging looks the same so the contents are also more likely to taste the same, giving them the confidence to buy your brand no matter where in the world they are today?

Opaltone OT7 Certification does exactly that, the same numbers apply, you may find people are different throughout the world, but Opaltone stays the same, just like you want your brand to be the same.

The numbers do not change, the system does not change, you have the confidence to believe that holding up 5 fingers will be the same, all over the world, hold up 5 fingers and people will count 5 fingers because the concept or the plan or the process does not change due to different locations.

Science and Math do not change with location, you have the right to know that your product brand is the same too!

Opaltone provides the same color specification numbers, the same density numbers, the same print profile numbers, the same Opaltone OT7 certification system.

You can finally have the control you wanted all these years, we have arrived, we have landed on the moon, it can be done and repeated over and over again no matter where we are.

Global Branding is a reality, Get real!, Get Global Branding.