Production Benefits



Do you want to increase your profit?

Read this carefully, you can recover a lot of money.

Where will you recover it from?

Your trash bin, your waste removal costs, your lost employee wages.

Right now you waste a lot of substrate (plastic films and papers) because you have to color match 1 or 2 or more spot colors per customer job.

Right now you also waste a lot of inks and solvents from the 1 or 2 or more spot color press wash outs per customer job.

Right now you loose a lot of productive employee time where the press could be running commercial product instead of color matching spot colors, tweaking and nudging color to satisfy the print buyer waiting by the press.

You are wasting time and materials because you have no real control of the process, it’s not your fault, you didn’t know about Opaltone.

Lucky days! You do now;

How long do you think it will take your company accountant to calculate the ROI savings, do it per press, you will see that even just targeting one major press as the Opaltone press, will save you more money than you could have imagined, and it is straight to the bottom line profit.

Give our regional unit a call and one of our representatives will even help you to make sure you have considered all the possible savings.

Go on, you deserve higher profits!