“To date, we have printed over 2,000 package designs in Opaltone. 
Without reservation,
this technology is the future of print.”


Bill Reilly
Development Manager
Genpak Ltd.

Aurora, Canada




“As print orders become smaller, Opaltone allows us to print multiple packages in one run, without any ink wash-ups. Our make-ready times, ink & substrate waste have literally been slashed in half. I don't know where we'd be without it."

Jim Barnhart
Package Printing

Springfield MA, USA



“Shorter down-times & less ink waste. Opaltone has cost-effectively 
increased our productivity beyond our expectations, and at the same time helped us protect our environment. This process is a win-win for our industry. Congratulations Opaltone!"

Ovidio Salazar
Research & Development
Alico S.A.

Medellin, Colombia