Remote Proofing




The Internet has changed lives the world over for many reasons – a faster way to communicate, an easier way to shop, a wonderful research tool.

The World Wide Web has shrunk the globe for all of us in the business world.

Today viewing and communicating effectively with images online has reached new heights.

Opaltone’s VK remote proofing technology has dramatically reduced the cost and time required for concept/contract proofing by enabling all workflow partners to communicate securely, in real time.

No matter where your are, if you have Internet access, then Opaltone remote proofing is easy.

Most other remote proofing systems require a third party interface to gain internet access to transfer data. Opaltone’s VK technology delivers immediate internet interfacing enabling printers, prepress, designers and print buyers to communicate via the VK RIP. Simply queue the job file for remote proofing to and from any location.

You could be ten blocks or ten thousand miles away. 
With Opaltone VK technology, it's now a global village.

Approval and/or changes can be made over the phone and resent in real time.

Fast, cost-effective inkjet proofing at your fingertips. No ifs or buts, no additional software required. VK works.

You will be impressed!