What is Opaltone?

Opaltone® is a Digital Color™ color reproduction system that incorporates CMYK with R’G’B’ (Red, Green & Blue) process inks. This cost-effective technology was developed with one vision in mind: 

Change Plates; Not Ink

The same inks remain in your press (just like your color copier). Imagine the downtime savings? Never change your ink, simply change the plates. 
With Opaltone, you’re up and running again in no time.

How does it work?

The CMYK system can only reproduce a limited color gamut. Oranges, Reds, bright Greens & Blues are common colors that cannot be faithfully reproduced in CMYK. 
The “traditional” way to overcome the CMYK gamut limitations has always been to print expensive spot colors.

There must be a better, cost-effective way to digitally reproduce color in print? Finally there is! The Opaltone system digitally simulates spot colors. Take a close 
look at the color models below. On the left; CMY. On the right; CMY+R’G’B’. As you can see, the Opaltone color gamut is now dramatically “expanded” by only adding 3 extra Red, Green & Blue process inks (not spot color inks).

How do I get started?

Whether you're a Designer, Prepress, Printer or Ink Supplier;
We will provide you with all the necessary software and technical information and support required to enjoy the commercial benefits 
of the Opaltone system. 

For more information please contact your nearest regional Opaltone office.