Opaltone OT7™ Certification

What is the Opaltone OT7™ System?

The Opaltone OT7 System is the "recipe" for measuring and controlling the Opaltone process in print. 
Printers who wish to utilize the Opaltone technology must first undergo OT7 Printer Certification.
The initial step in the OT7 program is for the Printer (in collaboration with their Prepress & Ink Supplier)
to print the OT7 Certification Test Form to meet the OT7 Hue Angle and Density specifications.

Upon Opaltone OT7 Certification, Printers, Prepress & Ink Suppliers may enter into a Technology Access
Agreement (TAA) with Opaltone.

Opaltone OT7 is an independent process control system applicable to all print processes & digital workflows

Opaltone OT7 Certification Test Form